Workshop on Multilingual Information Access (MIA)

Workshop @ NAACL 2022
July 15, 2022
Room: 507 - Sauk


State-of-the-art NLP technologies such as neural question answering or information retrieval systems have enabled many people to access information efficiently. However, these advances have been made in an English-first way, leaving other languages behind. Large-scale multilingual pre-trained models have achieved significant performance improvements on many multilingual NLP tasks where input text is provided. Yet, on knowledge-intensive tasks that require retrieving knowledge and generating output, we observe limited progress. Moreover, in many languages, existing knowledge sources are critically limited. This workshop addresses challenges for building information access systems in many languages. In particular, we attempt to discuss several core challenges in this field, e.g.:

We cover diverse topics of cross-lingual knowledge-intensive NLP tasks such as cross-lingual question answering, information retrieval, fact verification, and information extraction. By grouping those tasks into a cross-lingual information access topic, we encourage the communities to work together towards building a general framework that supports multilingual information access.


Invited Speakers

Kathleen McKeown Graham Neubig Alice Oh Andre Niyongabo Rubungo
Sebastian Ruder Holger Schwenk Avi Sil

Organizing Committee

Akari Asai Eunsol Choi Jonathan H. Clark Junjie Hu
Chia-Hsuan (Michael) Lee Jungo Kasai Shayne Longpre Ikuya Yamada
Rui Zhang

Steering Committee